Digital Marketing Improvements

Digital Marketing Improvements – What Works Now?

Digital marketing improvements are critical to a successful campaign. Why?

Because it is very rare to hit a home run right out of the gate. Most campigns have to be honed and fine tuned over time.

To do that effectively a marketer has to see exactly what is going on with their campaigns and how people are interacting with it.

That’s why digital marketing organizations are planning to increase their web analytics budget by 60% this year.

Web analytics is critical to making digital marketing improvements that result in the ultimate success of online marketing campaigns.

Why do you need web analytics?

To measure the success of your marketing.

To understand what web visitors are doing on your site.

To see where you need to optimize more so that you can get more customers.

Web analytics help you to see not only how many people have liked your Facebook page, but how many of your Facebook followers have clicked on the links that you post about and visited your website.

Having 1000 likes is great, but having 998 of those people visiting your website and engaging in conversation with you is much better!

Each time you start a new marketing campaign you need to define the goals you have for the campaign.

Naturally your ultimate goal will be to get more business, but how are you going to get there?

Digital Marketing Improvements

  • You want to increase the amount of people interested in your business
  • You need to increase your website traffic with great content
  • You need to get more leads and phone calls

Those are all great goals … and in a few moments I am going to give you the easy steps to achieve each of these goals with your digital marketing.

Before I go into the details of how to achieve your goals you need to remember two things:

Points to Remember

  1. Marketing campaigns and the goals you set will evolve from one season to the next
  2. There are always more than one road that will lead to your goal.

You might think that all everyone is finding you through Google, but by checking on your web analytics you might see that a large percentage of your new subscribers to your newsletter came from the post you had on Facebook.

Web analytics will tell you where your customers are finding you and how they are engaging with you, using this information to boost your marketing campaigns will help you to be more successful.

How to use digital marketing and web analytics to increase your client base

Create the journey

Once you know what you want to achieve from your digital marketing campaign you can easily map out all the different routes that your potential customers will take before buying from you.

The journey needs to be exciting and informative, else you will land up losing the interest of these prospects before they become your customer.

Using web analytics to measure the success of each journey and making changes where necessary will improve your conversion rates.

Attracting Customers

The first step on any marketing journey is to attract the attention of as many new potential customers as possible.

What you use to attract attention will differ depending on your marketing campaign.  Some ideas are a contest, offer something for free or give a bit of helpful information.

Use web analytics to measure the effectiveness of your attraction tactics by monitoring how many visitors your website gets from various avenues.

Some of the most effective attraction tactics are:           

  • Search engine rankings
  • Social network posts

If your website is optimized correctly and ranking well on Google then there are a lot of people who are already interested in the products or services you provide.

If your social posts are informative and entertaining then your followers will like and share and even comment, which will make those posts visible to their friends and the friends of the friends etc., making more people see you and engage with you by clicking on the link.

Engage with your audience

Your current customers will already be engaging with you on your social networks and other platforms like email.

You want the potential customers who have been attracted to your posts to engage with you as well.

Monitoring the engagement of your potential customers with web analytics will help you to determine which posts are interesting to your new clients and which are not.

Items of engagement with web analytics are:

  • Website stats – how long are your potential customers staying on your posts?
  • Social Stats – how many shares, likes, comments and mentions are you getting?
  • Links – How many people are linking back to your website?

The last step for any marketing campaign is to convert those prospects into customers.

Converting the potential customers

You have had some great results with your web analytics on the posts you have published on your social networks.

A large percentage of people have clicked through to your website and read further.

How many of those people have gone further and given you their email address or other contact details?

The most important point for any conversion is to offer your prospects what they want at the right time.

As a bsuiness owner you probably want to rush out and make the sale right away, but if you have a prospect who has only just started thinking about making a purchase, he might not really be ready to pull out his credit card.

Think about what type of conversion you want from your marketing campaign and slowly entice your prospects to provide you with this information.

Some of the most meaningful conversions can start off really small, like giving you their email address to get the e-book.

Even those smaller conversions will become your clients if you handle them carefully.

Using web analytics to track the conversions of your prospects will help you to determine which approach is more effective for your business.

You will need to use a variety of different methods and track the results for each type of journey to see which ones are more effective.

Using web analytics gives you a clear over view of what your prospects are doing to get to your website and whether or not they are giving you their information.

With targeted posts, optimized web sites and engaging content you will quickly see how effective your efforts are by using web analytics to monitor the journey that your prospects are taking and whether or not they are giving you their information.

There are plenty of different web analytics tools available on the internet, some like Google Analytics are for free and others cost a small fee.

Make sure you have a web analytics program that is giving you the information you need in a format that you can easily understand.

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